Non Ferrous Metals Scrap Process

Non-Ferrous Metals Scrap Process

Procurement and Collection

We procure the non-ferrous scrap metals from both local and overseas sources.

We purchase non-ferrous scrap metals from (i) heavy industries, manufacturing companies and scrap dealers which generate or sell waste copper, aluminium, stainless steel, brass and other metals; (ii) individual collectors of scrap metals who deliver the scrap metals directly to our production facilities and (iii) international metal traders, producers of primary metals and metals recycling companies that deal with non-ferrous scrap metals and base metals such as copper and aluminium.

Before purchasing the non-ferrous scrap metals, we weigh and inspect the grade of the scrap metals.

Sorting and Segregation

After the non-ferrous scrap metals are unloaded at our production facilities, we then sort and segregate the purchased scrap metals according to their type and grade before further processing.

Baling and Briquetting

As part of our non-ferrous recycling process, we prepare non-ferrous scrap metals by baling or briquetting.

We process light gauge non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel from industrial and manufacturing processes, such as stampings, clippings and excess trimmings, by baling these materials into large, uniform bundles. We use material handling equipment such as front-end loaders and grapples to feed the non-ferrous scrap metals into hydraulic presses, which compress the materials into uniform blocks.

Briquetting is a processing method where small and loose pieces of metal scrap are pressed together to form metal blocks for easy handling and transportation. We are able to control the weight and size of the metal blocks to meet our customers' specifications.

Quality Control, Packing and Storage

We conduct visual checks and use metal analyzer to verify the grade of the recycled non-ferrous scrap metals. The recycled non-ferrous scrap metals are packed, weighed and stored at our warehouse until delivery to customers.

We weigh the non-ferrous scrap metals on weighbridges to help ensure that the correct quantity is being sold to our customers. All our weighbridges are equipped with weighing indicators for transparency in the weighing process. Our weighbridges are calibrated by Spring Singapore (Weight and Measure) once every two years.

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