Corporate Social



The Group's human resource policies are strongly grounded in fairness and inclusivity. Our corporate office has a diverse mix of employees, with both genders and all age groups well-represented. This ensures a balanced workforce and also enables our younger staff to benefit from the mentoring and guidance of their seniors. Teamwork and bonding, one of our core values, can only be achieved when all staff are motivated, helpful, and feel a sense of belonging to the organisation. Having a committed and dedicated workforce enables us to then achieve our corporate goals. Cohesion is fostered among our staff through company-wide activities such as the annual dinner and dance, and bowling and laser tag games organised during the year. Lunch buffets are catered on festive occasions such as the Lunar New Year, Labour Day, and Christmas, and we also distribute gift vouchers to staff on their birthday. In line with our policy of inclusivity, our foreign workers are included in the aforementioned. Furthermore, individual departments are encouraged to organise their own teambuilding activities and social gatherings.


The Group has an internship program in place for students from relevant courses at the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore Polytechnic. In calendar year 2015, the Group took in 5 interns (2014: 7 interns). The interns are attached to various departments, where they are typically given one-to-one supervision. Some of the interns also gain valuable hands-on experience with the Group’s core operations, such as sorting at scrapyards. This internship programme is our way of helping to sustain the interest and understanding of the metal and scrap industry among the younger generation. Internally, we aim to help our staff grow to their full potential, and training courses are regularly scheduled for staff to enhance their skillsets and abilities. Courses attended by staff include leadership training, productivity courses, ISO 9001 and 14001 internal auditor courses, as well as technical courses for skills such as 3G welding and hydraulic excavator operation. Each department is held responsible for monitoring the number of training hours attended by its staff, as this is one of the department KPIs.


We make multifaceted contributions back to society through a significant number of charitable donations every year. Some of the myriad events, causes and institutions supported in the last financial year include the Lions Befrienders’ Charity Golf, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore Chinese Orchestra Gala Dinner & Concert, PCF Fundraising, etc. Our staff are also encouraged to make their own contributions; at our most recent annual dinner and dance, we collected over S$3,800 from our staff for Club Rainbow, which provides help for chronically ill children.


Being in the business of metal recycling, we are cognizant of the direct impact that our activities have on the environment. We strive to maximise the recovery of metal from the scrap that we receive, by sorting the collections into the various grades and types of metal. This sorting allows us to optimise the extraction of each material in terms of both its monetary value and usage. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, we also have a fleet renewal programme where vehicles such as excavators and forklifts are periodically replaced with newer, more efficient models with reduced carbon emissions and fuel consumption. In FY2015, we acquired 4 forklifts and 2 excavators to replace older units. At our corporate office, staff are also encouraged to reduce wastage by recycling paper, and switching off the lights and air-conditioning when not in use.