Union Steel’s expansion into complementary markets began in 2015. Today, we offer a wide range of engineering services to three primary industries:


Acquired by the Group in 2015, Gee Sheng Machinery & Engineering Pte Ltd adds engineering to the Groups’ range of services. We service predominantly the oil and gas industry, specialising in the fabrication of custom equipment certified to operate in the Zone 2 hazardous area including pressure pump units, process mixing units and hydraulic power units. Our products are tested and commissioned in our in-house test facility with test pressures up to 15,000 PSI to ensure its quality.

Applied Engineering Pte Ltd joined the Group in May 2022, strengthening our service offerings to the upstream firms of the oil and gas industry. Founded in 1934, we are well established for our design and fabrication of process equipment such as pressure vessels and heat exchangers for energy related industries.

Incorporated in 1993 and joined the Group in August 2022, Marshal Systems Private Limited is a leading systems integrator preferred by internationally renowned companies in the oil and gas industry. Our solutions cover telecommunications, safety, fire protection and control and instrumentation systems for oil and gas assets such as land-based installation facilities, vessels, rigs as well as onshore facilities making them a safer place for people to work in.


Transvictory Winch System Pte Ltd, a leading manufacturer and supplier for custom deck equipment to the marine, offshore, oil and gas industries, joined Union Steel in 2016. As one of the largest stockists in South East Asia, we provide immediate solutions to all winching and lifting applications. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we are the preferred partner to reputable multinational companies requiring winch systems. Our stringent verifications and testing processes ensure “zero failure” in our products, making us the go-to company for quality winching solutions.

The addition in August 2022 of Promoter Hydraulics Pte Ltd, one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic winches and power packs in South East Asia, strengthened our position in the market.